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"I have been to several classes at Painting Lounge.  They are awesome!  If you have not been there, you need to go.  SO much fun!  Great pieces.  Kevin is awesome; friendly personality and patient.  Even if you think you have no artistic ability, when you leave you will have a beautiful piece of artwork." - Jennifer D.



"This was the most fun Friday night. I went with a bunch of girlfriends, most of lacking any artistic talent. Equipped with a bottle of wine each, we slowly got the hang of drawing, while getting drunker and drunker. Kevin is awesome and super laid back. It wasn't pretentious or snotty but cool and fun. Kevin really just wanted everyone to have a great time and come out of it with a great painting. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone." - J. B.



"Kevin is a great art teacher.  He's patient and motivating--especially for someone like me who has NO artistic ability.  I never thought I'd enjoy painting, but I really did in Kevin's class.  I'd highly recommend working with him." - J. M.



"I can't recommend Kevin enough. I have taken art lessons in the past, but with just one class with Kevin, I learned more then I ever have before. He is a great teacher, he gives clear direction, lots of encouragement and you really do end up having a finished painting at the end of the class!" - Rhian

"One night, some friends and I got to talking about hobbies we always wished we'd picked up, and a few of us all said we wished we'd done something more artistic, but that now it's probably too late because we'd suck so hard at painting or drawing or whatever. The next day, I happened to walk by Kevin's studio and saw his sign advertising art lessons, and figured what the hell. I walked in, met Kevin, and took a lesson about a week later. I'm really glad I did. I mean, I'm not going to be selling my paintings for big bucks anytime soon, but it turned out to be a lot easier and more fun than I thought it would be, thanks to Kevin's really easygoing teaching style. He knows how to break paintings down into their elements, then walk you through how to create them yourself. Art can be intimidating, but Kevin is really approachable and friendly. I walked out of my first lesson feeling like I knew the basics of how to make colors, use a brush, create depth, detail, the whole thing. And I'll definitely be taking more lessons. I want to get better at this." - J. F. 



"Thank you for the art lesson. We had a GREAT time. Both paintings are already hanging up in Lissy's apartment." - Alex & Lissy



"I just got home from taking a class with Kevin at the Painting Lounge.  I had a wonderful time.  There was time for enjoyable association with my grandmother and sister while learning a new skill.  I highly recommend going there.  By the way, Kevin is very patient and has the personality needed for a business like this.  I look forward to future visits." - Kay W.



"Kevin's Painting Lounge was a blast.  We were expecting a really cool, different experience from the usual night out in NYC and definitely got what we came for. Kevin popped open our wine and we got to "work."  We started by copying a tracing of our painting (Van Gogh's "Shoes"), and moved on to acrylic painting, with Kevin walking us through each step while letting everyone move at their own speed and interpret the painting on an as-needed basis.  We ended up with two awesome canvases to hang right away (the paint dries very quickly!).  They were similar, but different enough that we know who painted what, which makes everyone feel like a "real" artist. I WILL be going back, and bringing two new friends along next time.  Can't wait to see which painting we'll walk out with!  Definitely go before this place gets a huge waiting list!" - Victoria W.



"SO AMAZING! I painted Klimt's "The Kiss", and no one believed that I actually did that myself! (No, it is not 'paint by numbers', my friends).  It was such a relaxed atmosphere and everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I never realized how relaxing painting was, and what a feeling of 'self accomplishment' when I walked out. My painting is beautiful!! Thank you livingsocial for having this deal, and introducing me to the wonderful world of painting! Kevin is such a great instructor, extremely friendly, talented, and so encouraging.  Now that my friends have seen what I've done, they cant wait to book the next class with me!  I am looking forward to creating more artwork at the Painting Lounge." - Nadine H.



"Super duper crazy awesome lovely creative supportive inspiring fun. We painted our versions of Klimt's "The Kiss," and while ours won't likely be mistaken for the real thing, they are pretty beautiful in their own ways, and it's fun to see how we each put our personalities into our own li'l masterpieces, and how they came to life in such a relatively short period of time. Kevin's supportive, friendly, positive and knowledgeable. A perfect introduction to acrylics if you've never painted before. The materials are included. Definitely takes all the fear out of it and just makes it fun. Everything should be BYOB, don't you think? There's a great wine store (Vine Wine) just down the block. Pick up a bottle, Kevin's got cups and a corkscrew ready for ya. And the intimate little studio is literally just steps off the L or G train. I could see this being a great date night idea. For us it was perfect to do something creative together with family in from out of town." - Gabrielle C.



"I just took my class yesterday with my living social voucher. It's been one of the best deals I have ever purchased. The two of them make you feel so comfortable and are extremely friendly. Kevin is talented and you will notice immediately when you see his artwork on the wall. He is very helpful, non judging, and it's a really relaxed atmosphere BYOB or not. Highly recommend!!!!!! And my painting is gorgeous!" - Josina W.



"I went to The Painting Lounge this week for the first time and they have gained a loyal customer. It was really the best thing since sliced bread. I used to love art classes growing up and somehow I have gotten away from it as an adult. This class brought me back to my roots! I attended the Keith Haring "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" class. I'm still amazed I was able to create a replica that I can hang in my apartment. Really great instructors seem to be the norm. And, let us not forget the BYOB - *shakes tambourine*... I went with a couple of girlfriends (who also had a blast) but this is probably the best date idea I've come across in a minute. Just sign up & enjoy! P.S. Kevin is super nice. Call him if you have any questions on anything." - Amber L.



"Going to Painting Lounge is a great experience for those who are beginners and advanced. I am not the best of painters, but every time I visit the Painting Lounge I feel very comfortable (and not judged for my basic skills). The people who attend the classes are friendly (and have been nice enough to offer wine to me on occasion), and the instructors are always helpful. If you are a beginner, don't fret about getting the painting perfect--it takes time and practice. However, you will like the process of painting. Just enjoy the ambiance (created by the awesome music and people) and relax--painting should be a calming experience. The first painting I did was Georgia O'Keefe's "Red Poppy" with my mom for Mother's Day, and just yesterday I went solo and painted Magritte's "Son of Man." I enjoyed painting both and I am looking forward to going again in the near future. You can get your painting framed if you wish (cash & CC accepted)--the frames are very good quality. Now that I have too many paintings I think I will offer them as gifts or give a certificate to the place as a gift. The Painting Lounge does at times offer deals (via Groupon, Living Social, Google, etc.) so keep an eye out for it." - Gabriela F.


Kevin Tarasuk

Owner / Instructor

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